At Stevenson Fitness, everyone leaves feeling better than when they arrived!

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What People Say

The staff, management and owners are all awesome! They truly care about you and make you feel like your part of their family. The gym is clean and has all the equipment needed for everyone’s needs. The classes are pretty great too. 🙂

Tanner S.

They do so many intangible things right! Going to work out is more than just equipment. The people and service, hospitality and customer engagement keeps you from considering anywhere else! It’s contagious and you feel it in the people who work out there! Love you guys!

Tim F.

The best gym I’ve ever been to. Exceptional staff, the friendliest culture, all of the conveniences and equipment you could want, fun classes, and outstanding childcare. Perfect!

Andrew V.

Finding the right fit for a gym is tough. It seems that most ‘corporate’ gyms capitalize on the fact that most folks who signup simply won’t go, and they’re happy to collect membership dues from inactive members.Stevenson Fitness is a breath of fresh air. Not only are the facilities clean, the equipment up-to-date, the staff friendly, and the environment fun, but they make it clear upon signup that they are NOT your typical gym.For one, they actually encourage and reward members for going. From training sessions to store credit, they make it clear that your health and fitness journey is the focus of their gym. And it shows in the attitude of both the members and the staff.I have been a member of Stevenson for two years now, and will continue to recommend them whenever possible. Go for a tour. Check out their class schedules. With so many options out there for gyms and getting fit, they do the impossible.. they’re a gym and a community that feels like home.

Carl B.

Stevenson fitness offers a variety of programs and support for whatever your goal may be. They care about you as a person, not just another number. The management and staff care about seeing your face, hearing about your goals, and providing the necessary support for you to reach those goals instead of signing you up and never seeing you again (like most gyms). It’s all about the experience

Tatiana S.