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1 Minute Message: Quit Doing the Same Thing

One of the keys to avoiding exercise plateaus is to vary your workouts. Whether it is cardio or strength you have to mix it up if you want to keep getting results. Check out my 60 second take on mixing things up!

1 Minute Message: Crossfit

CrossFit is huge right now. You hear a lot of conflicting opinions on this very popular form of exercise. Is it good? Is it bad? Check out my 60 second take on CrossFit!

Exercising During the Holidays

The holidays are no reason to not exercise! Exercise is so important for overall health. You can maintain good exercise habits even in the craziness of the holiday season if you implement the right strategies!

Staying Healthy on Vacation

Going on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t maintain some healthy habits. You don’t need to workout or eat perfectly the whole time but you can do some simple things so that you don’t fall completely off the wagon! Here are five great tips!