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Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours from the Stevenson Fitness Family!

Here are our holiday hours and class schedule…

Wednesday November 23rd…5:00am until 6:00pm/ No evening classes (including no karate)

Thursday November 24th…7:30am until 1:00pm/ Super Kick It from 8:30 to 10:00

Friday November 25th…EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL! 🙂 with a bonus Super Zumba from 10:30am to 12:00pm

Have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday and thanks for being a part of the Stevenson Fitness Family!



Shindig summary and the new Group X schedule!

The 1 year anniversary “End of Summer Shindig” was off the charts!

It was a testament to everything that Stevenson Fitness strives to be: Family, Fitness and Fun!

“Time of Your Life,” featuring Joe Hecht, kept the music blasting and the people dancing Our Kids’ Korner staff kept the little ones entertained, with face painting, cookie decorating, and fun games. No one went hungry thanks to”Tacos Las Koras” and some delicious Fro-Yo from our friends, “The Golden Spoon.” Our newest “Friends with Benefits,” Future Track, provided terrific information and apparel to suit any athletic endeavor. All of our services were represented– training, nutrition, active rehab and our running club, SFRC– so everyone could see the incredible amenities that Your Gym has to offer. Ms. Deena and the Stevenson Martial Arts crew did a high-flying, board-smashing, kick @$$ demonstration. Together, Your Community and Your Gym rocked the Oak Park plaza like never before! Thanks to all of you for coming out and celebrating with Your Gym. We love ya! Gotta give a shout out to Beau Image, Leila’s, Nico’s and Cigale Cafe for the raffle prize donations! And mad props to my staff for taking care of all of our guests and making them feel like the VIPs that they are to us!

Simply put, it was a night of family, fun and commradery. We have such a good thing going. Stevenson Fitness is really not just a gym, it’s a family. Our mission statement is “You will always leave feeling better than when you came in,” and not only does that apply to the actual gym and its services, but even the party. Everyone had a blast. My cheeks are still sore from the smile I’ve had since Thursday night. 🙂

Sigh…it was unbelievably FANTASTIC! To see all of the awesome pics visit our Facebook Fan page by clicking here

We also announced a new class schedule! The changes were heavily based on YOUR feedback as we are truly “Your Gym.” All of your favorites are still there. We’ve added a few twists to some of them to make them even more exciting! We moved a few classes to make it easier to hit your favorites more often. We added a few new classes like Capioera, and gave you more Matrix and Buns and Guns! Click here to go to the new schedule!

So thanks again, I’m glad you all enjoyed yourselves, and stay tuned for the next Stevenson Fitness Event!


Until then, remember,

Fitness is a choice!

Chris Stevenson and the Stevenson Fitness Team