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Chris Stevenson, Owner, and Founder of Stevenson Fitness, a health and fitness club in Oak Park California.

Chris Stevenson | Bio Photo

Chris Stevenson was a Power Ranger. Yep, that’s right. A Power Ranger. For more than a decade, he suited up in the helmet, the boots, and the spandex to combat the forces of evil and save the world – one fight at a time.

Now, Chris fights a different battle, using his expertise in fitness to contend with obesity and injuries.

Chris is a 20-year veteran of the health and fitness industry.  Shortly after starting out, he became one of the most in-demand personal trainers and group exercise instructors in the greater Los Angeles area.  From there, Chris was recruited by the Chiropractic Sports Institute.  It was there that he became proficient in injury rehabilitation, biometrics, and attained his C.S.C.S. from the NSCA, one of the most respected organizations in the health and fitness fields. Within a few months of working there, he took over running the rehabilitation and athletic training center.  Quickly outgrowing that environment, Chris opened the first iteration of Stevenson Fitness.  This facility was a 2000 sq ft training studio that flourished.  It became the place to train if you were serious about your health and getting results. Within five years of operation, Chris and his team outgrew that facility. 

Chris now owns and operates the current version of Stevenson Fitness, a 7500 square foot full-service health club that is consistently rated as one of the most welcoming and enjoyable in the business. The facility invites people of all ages and abilities to improve their health and fitness so they can look, live, and feel better.

Chris also currently owns and operates E3 consulting, a speaking and wellness coaching company. Chris’s expert comprehension of fitness science and statistical data is a perfect complement to his genuine approachability and natural charisma. By simplifying the complex worlds of health, nutrition, and wellness, Chris’ seminars focus on each individual and ensure that he or she leaves feeling confident about achieving his or her fitness goals.

The main reason Chris is such a highly sought-after fitness expert is because, rather than simply teach them how to exercise, he empowers his clients with knowledge. He provides them with practices, methods, and skills to apply to the world, well beyond his lectures.  Stevenson’s ability to connect with each and every audience member is unparalleled, which is why he continues to coach groups of elite and collegiate athletes, Fortune-500 executives, elementary school students, small business owners, and fitness studio owners in the ever-growing fields of health and wellness.

As a current faculty member of the California Health & Longevity Institute – one of the nation’s most esteemed wellness centers – Chris continues to present and conduct workshops for global companies such as Merrill Lynch, PWC, Farmers Insurance, Dole, and WellPoint. Chris also regularly speaks at leading health and fitness industry events such as IHRSA and Club Industry, making him an exceptional resource for all your health and wellness needs.