Golf Specific Training


Maximize your athletic performance on the golf course with TPI training!

Yes, you can improve your golf game — if you do it our way.  Here at Stevenson Fitness, our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Trainer, Anthony Pondella, will identify the faulty movement patterns and imbalances that are limiting your performance. This holistic approach will help you build a stronger body, a more accurate swing and a focused state of mind.  If you are ready to hit straighter, farther and avoid injury, TPI training is for you!


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Here’s what people are saying about Golf Specific Training!

Anthony is the best trainer that I have ever worked with. He is dedicated and very focused on proper alignment, as well as the most effective application for each exercise. Anthony’s TPI training has helped me improve my swing, decrease my back pain, and hit the ball farther! -Alan M.