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“5 in 5” – Choosing a Personal Trainer

Are you looking to kick your workout routine into high gear with a personal trainer?  Check out Chris' latest "5 in 5" to learn the top 5 things you should look for when choosing the best personal trainer for you.


“5 in 5” – Tips to get YOU in Tip Top Shape for Summer

This edition of "5 in 5" is an interview with expert trainer Safia Fitzpatrick.  Safia shares five nutrition and fitness tips to supercharge your workouts to get ready for summer.  So sit back, relax and enjoy.  Then after that get up, go to the gym and apply them 🙂

“5 in 5” – Exercise and Happiness

Don’t Worry, Be Happy…

This “5 in 5” takes a different look at exercise and fitness.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ricky Powell (a.k.a. “The Happiness Guy”), a happiness coach, to get his take on why exercising can and will make you a happier person!  So enjoy the next 5 minutes and prepare to be happier.  🙂

“5 in 5” Time to Run!

This month’s “5 in 5” is an interview with running coach Bill Duley. Running is an absolutely great way to get in shape and believe it or not, anyone can do it! I can hear some of you right now…I can’t run, I’m not a runner…well you can! As long as you go about it the right way. So take the next 5 minutes and enjoy this great lesson in running!
Big up to Bill Duley for all of the great info! I hope it motivated you to get up and go for an enjoyable low intensity short distance run 😉 And as always please email me at chris@stevensonfitness.com with any questions, or with any questions you would like answered, or just to say hi! Until next time, remember, fitness is a choice!

“5 in 5” time to Zumba!

ZuMbA…If you haven’t tried it you’ve at least heard of it.  This installment of “5 in 5” will answer all of your questions and hopefully get you pumped up to try a class.  It is one of the hottest group exercise classes on the scene and just continues to grow in popularity.  So put on your coin skirt, your dancin’ shoes and get ready to have a blast!