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“5 in 5” time to Zumba!

ZuMbA…If you haven’t tried it you’ve at least heard of it.  This installment of “5 in 5” will answer all of your questions and hopefully get you pumped up to try a class.  It is one of the hottest group exercise classes on the scene and just continues to grow in popularity.  So put on your coin skirt, your dancin’ shoes and get ready to have a blast!





“5 in 5” Goal Setting

This episode of “5 in 5” is all about everybody’s favorite New Year’s topic…Resolutions! I got the opportunity to interview Michelle Greathouse, the manager of Lululemon in Calabasas. Most of you know Lululemon for their incredible athletic apparel but what most of you don’t realize is that they also have an awesome work environment and business culture. They are huge into having their staff set and achieve goals. I actually took a lot of what they do at their store and applied it to my own staff at the gym. So check out the video below to learn all about the different aspects of not only setting good goals, but hitting them!


I hope you enjoyed the “5 in 5” but more importantly I hope you use it to set and achieve your goals! We all talk the talk, but it is time for us to all walk the walk! Happy New Year!

Holiday “5 in 5”

This installment of “5 in 5,” launching in the heart of the holiday season, is a very special “5 in 5.” It’s all about giving, Stevenson Fitness style 🙂 We really love what Stevenson Fitness has to offer, and we are very proud of the results that YOU–our family, our friends and our community–have reached. We want everyone to have the opportunity to see why we are the premiere facility in town, and experience what we do better than anyone else. So check out these incredible gifts that are yours for the taking… http://youtu.be/aL-PrK7Ut70 So if you want to remain on the nice list, give the gift of health and fitness to your loved ones. There’s nothing naughty about it. Look for more awesome “5 in 5s” coming your way in 2012! Seasons greetings! If you are an expert and would like to be interviewed, or if you have a topic to which you would like some answers…or…if you just want to say “what’s up?!?” email me at chris@stevensonfitness.com

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours from the Stevenson Fitness Family!

Here are our holiday hours and class schedule…

Wednesday November 23rd…5:00am until 6:00pm/ No evening classes (including no karate)

Thursday November 24th…7:30am until 1:00pm/ Super Kick It from 8:30 to 10:00

Friday November 25th…EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL! 🙂 with a bonus Super Zumba from 10:30am to 12:00pm

Have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday and thanks for being a part of the Stevenson Fitness Family!



Stevenson Martial Arts: Kickin’ It Strong!

I wanted to take a little time to blog about our awesome martial arts program—Stevenson Martial Arts. Here is the quick and dirty: our martial artists become well-rounded athletes, mastering life skills (focus, respect, self-confidence, the list goes on forever…), learning proper self-defense techniques and having a blast while doing so! If you want to read more specifics click here to learn all about it!

What I’d like to focus on further is how much more there is to Martial Arts than simply kicking and punching. At every rank, our students learn a traditional form. These forms help teach our students both coordination and movement, and preserve the incredible history that Martial Arts provides. Students learn how to defend themselves against different types of attacks, in a cooperative, team-building environment. Students also do a board break at every level to teach problem-solving and

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to help them overcome fear. As long as you have good technique and focus, breaking a board is easy. But there is an intimidation factor that goes with it. We teach students that the board is a “problem” and the “technique” is the solution. So they learn to focus 90% on the solution (the technique) and only 10% on the problem (the board). With this approach, students are able to smash wood, but more importantly, apply that problem-solving skill to other aspects of their lives like sports, school, etc. By the way, I learned a lot about that board-breaking approach from a great teacher and a good friend, Mike Chat…so…thanks for the wisdom! Finally, Stevenson Martial artists learn a performance form. This is a fun routine that students learn and then modify to showcase their individual strengths. This spurs creativity and builds the confidence needed to perform in front of groups of people, which can obviously carry over to school and work, making students better leaders and public speakers.

I am really proud of the program we have and welcome all to try it at any time. It benefits people in any age category, and any physical condition in so many ways. It really can change your life! Damn, I love Stevenson Martial Arts! 🙂

Check out the video of our October Promotion Test on our Stevenson Martial Arts Facebook page. Everyone did such an incredible job. I am so proud. Can’t wait until the next one!

Click here to see the video